Round Tablet Kapoor 100 Gms

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Elevate your worship experience with Morya’s RTL Round Tablet Jadi Vadi Kapoor Camphor. This 250gm offering is meticulously crafted to enhance your spiritual practices, purifying both your surroundings and your inner self.

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Ideal for Pooja rituals, this pure camphor adds a divine touch to your worship space. Its RTL Round Tablet form ensures convenience and ease of use.


Spiritual Enhancement: Infuse your worship with the pure essence of camphor, elevating the spiritual ambiance.

Health and Well-being: Experience added benefits to your health, mind, and soul as the natural aroma and fragrance create a soothing atmosphere.

Purification: Purify your surroundings with the cleansing properties of this camphor, promoting a serene and positive environment.