Pure Camphor Slab Kapoor

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Available in 500gm, 100gm, and 50gm options.

Experience divine purity with Morya’s Pure Camphor Slab. This sacred product, with its roots deeply embedded in tradition, is crafted for spiritual practices and holistic well-being.

Product Description


Ideal for various religious ceremonies such as pooja, aarti, and hawan, Morya’s Pure Camphor Slab is a versatile addition to your spiritual rituals. Additionally, it can be used as a room freshener, transforming your space with its uplifting fragrance.


  • Oneness with God: The purity of camphor symbolizes a connection with the divine, burning entirely without leaving a trace.
  • Negativity Dispelling: The aarti of pure camphor is known for dispelling negativity, creating a positive and sacred atmosphere.
  • Well-being: The camphor’s fumes have cathartic healing energies that contribute to overall well-being.
  • Wealth Attraction: Embrace the potential for prosperity, as the aarti of pure camphor is believed to attract wealth.